Irrigator Mornwell D52. Manual. Review.

Rechargeable Oral irrigator Mornwell D52


1 x Oral irrigator
1 x User manual
1 x USB Cable
1 x Nozzle
1 x Tongue scraper

Product Specifications

NameMornwell Rechargeable Oral irrigator 
Input voltage5V
Power consumption5W
Battery voltegeDC3.7V
Battery capacity1400 mA (lithium battery)
Charging time4 hours
Usage time60 minutes
Waterproof ratingIPX7

Questions & Answers

There is leakage in the junction where the nozzle is installedThe sealing ring is worn out.Please contact the selling team for repair.
There is leakage in the junction where the nozzle is installedThe nozzle is not installed correctly.Please install the mozzle correctly.
The water container is leaking.The sealing ring is worn out.Please reaplace the sealing ring and contact the selling team for repair.
The water pressure is not strong.The battery is running low.Please fully charge the product before reusing.
The product does not work.The battery is running low.Please fully charge the product before reusing.
There is no water spraying out.The filter screen is congested.Please clean the filter screen.
There is no water spraying out.You've just purshased the product or it has been left unused for a period.Pull out the nozzle then flush nozzle hole on the body.

Product Diagram

1. Nozzle
2. Nozzle release control
3. Power
4. Mode control
5. Indicator for normal mode
6. Indicator for soft mode
7. Indicotor for pulse node
8. Charging port
9. Water container
10. Tongue scraper

Using instrection

- Equipped with memoru function, the product will shift back to the mode with which the product is working before being tuned off dunng last usage.

-When the product is on, normal mode, soft mode, and pulse mode are interchangeable.
-Modes can be also selected when the product is off. Choose preferable mode and then tum on the prouct.
- The product will shut off automatically after 2 minutes of use under any mode.
- The "CH" indicator tlickers during usage, it indicates that the battery is running low and that the product needs to be charged.
-The product could not work when being charged.
-Rotate the nozzle to change the direction of water flow.

Disassembly Guide Oral irrigator Mornwell D52

1. After the usage turn off the product and opetn the back cover Close the cover after the temaining liquid has been emptied.

2.Grab the product and pell the water container downward to detach it.

Product Operation Guide Oral irrigator Mornwell D52

1. Please note that the product must be fuily charged before first use. Connect the product to the power supply using the charger and the USB cable. The product wih not work during the charge.

2. Open the back cover and fill the container with water. Please make sure that the product is off when being filled with water.

3. Put the nozzle into the corresponding hole. The sound of "click" indreaters that the instsllation work has finished.

4. Press the nozzle palease bution to detach the nozzle or replace with another.

Recommended Using Methods Oral irrigator Mornwell D52

1. Put the product in the mouth with a certain angle, aim the teeth to be cleaned with nozzle, and turn on the product.

2. It's recommended that the angle between the water flow and tooth gums be 90° mildly close the lips in case that the water flow might be diverted. To achieve optimal effect please clean from molars to tront teeth. Make sures that the nozzle moves along the tooth gum line and that there are short pauses between teeth for better are short keep on with movernent unbleareas around the gums and areas between teeth are clean enough.


1. People with healthy teeth.

2. People with planted teeth.

3. People whose teeth are equipped with braces.


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